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Which Disposable Gloves Should You Pick: Nitrile, Vinyl Or Latex? Find Out Here


When hand hygiene and protection are a must in these crucial times, healthcare, industrial, and food service workers cannot rely on any disposable gloves. No matter their industry or working environment, every worker should invest in reliable gloves to protect patients, customers, co-workers, and guests from exposure to potentially dangerous microbes.

When deciding between nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves, it can be a tad confusing trying to determine which type of glove is the best choice for your hands’ health and safety. Let us take a close look at the attributes and benefits of using each type of glove first.

Latex gloves

Latex gloves are a long-time trusted go-to glove used in the medical industry. They are a natural material made out of rubber. If allergy is not a concern, latex gloves can offer an advantage in terms of comfort and dexterity as opposed to nitrile gloves.

The upsides of latex gloves include:

  • Fit comfortably like a second skin
  • Strong dexterity
  • Have a high level of touch sensitivity
  • Work well for high-risk conditions involving infectious material
  • Are suitable for wearing for an extended amount of time
  • They are very cost-effective and biodegradable
  • They are slightly powdered, making them easier to put on
  • They are very elastic and strong

Nitrile Gloves

Built from synthetic rubber, nitrile gloves are ideal choices where latex allegories are a concern. Otherwise known as “medical grade” gloves, nitrile gloves are undeniably superior gloves when it comes to puncture resistance. Before they are marketed to hospitals and medical institutions, they undergo a series of tests conducted by the FDA to ensure their durability.

The upsides of nitrile gloves include:

  • They are latex-free
  • Are exceptionally puncture resistant
  • Have a high level of sensitivity
  • Are suitable for wearing an extended amount of time
  • Ideally suited for most medical environments
  • Boast a long shelf life
  • An ideal choice for high-risk work conditions involving infectious material, hazardous and corrosive chemicals
  • Are available in blue or black to determine if the glove has been punctured
  • They are available in a range of different biodegradable styles

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are highly popular in the food industry and work conditions where high durability and hand protection levels are less of a priority. These gloves are composed of PVC, which is a petroleum-based film. While vinyl gloves may be less durable, they are the less expensive ones too. However, their main weaknesses are that they can be easily structurally compromised if stretched and have a negative environmental impact as well.

The upsides of nitrile gloves include:

  • Latex-free
  • Have anti-static properties
  • Have a looser fit
  • Are suitable for short-term, low-risk tasks
  • Most economic option
  • Are slightly powdered, making it easier to put on
  • Are best for use with non-hazardous materials

Ensure the protective glove you choose is the right fit and matches your work conditions well. At GLOVEMART, we stock a range of different gloves to suit a variety of industrial applications. Please visit our website to explore them.