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What Makes Reusable Nitrile Gloves the Number One Choice for Industrial Manufacturers


Nitrile gloves are synthetic rubber gloves that are effective and a cost-effective hand protection for workers across a wide range of industries. They are durable and resistant to punctures and chemicals, in addition to being latex-free, making them a dependable PPE alternative for latex allergies. The only disadvantage is that generally, they are disposable, and the manufacturing process used to be an expensive process. However, modern technological methods have made reusable nitrile gloves that have a cost-effective manufacturing process. Additionally, nitrile gloves are unisex and ambidextrous, so company workers don’t have to waste time finding matching sets, and workplaces don’t have to worry about keeping stock.

What are the pros and cons of utilizing nitrile gloves?

• High Puncture and chemical resistance
• Moderate protection against pathogens
• Easy to detect tears
• Long shelf life (5 years)
• Good comfort, soft, and flexible
• Latex-free
• Able to handle moderate temperatures
• Easier to take on and take off
• Stiffer than latex
• Reduced dexterity
• Expensive manufacturing process
• Disposable
• Reduced touch sensitivity

Reusable Nitrile Gloves

Reusable gloves are preferred because they offer greater protection and are less likely to tear than their disposable counterparts. In addition, they are thicker than disposables, thus limiting their dexterity and sensitivity but making up for them in providing greater protection against chemicals and hazardous materials.

Apart from limitations due to its thickness, the only drawback is that they require regular maintenance. Moreover, they are immediately noticeable and discarded in the case of any discoloration or signs of damage. Thus companies prefer using black nitrile gloves. For instance, black nylon gloves are nylon gloves with a nitrile coating.

Pros: Resists punctures, provides a snug fit and greater temperature and chemical resistance

Cons: Requires thorough washing to prevent cross maintenance and is the most expensive reusable glove.

Where are nitrile gloves used?

Medical Facilities: Medical professionals commonly use Nitrile gloves because they provide a layer of protection when evaluating a patient and handling biological materials and by the staff for disposing of medical waste.

Chemical Labs: Nitrile gloves offer a thorough protection against chemicals and other hazardous materials because of the lower permeation rate of the nitrile gloves, which means that they can resist chemicals for a more extended period of time.

Industrial Plants: Workers prefer nitrile gloves because they can provide protection against hazardous materials like commercial cleaning products, chemical pesticides, and more.

Food Service: Nitrile gloves are also suitable for food handling and can offer the wearer protection during food prep. The easy changeable nature of nitrile gloves makes it convenient in customer-facing responsivities. A color-coded system prevention can help prevent cross-contamination.

Depending on thickness, nitrile gloves protect against incidental or extended contact. Specifically, reusable nitrile gloves are used to protect against the following:

• Micro-organisms: Offers protection to many micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, or a virus
• Oils, fuels and petroleum products
• Weak acids
• Weak caustics
• Organic solvents

At Glove Mart, safety has and will always be the top priority. As such, we spare no effort towards ensuring highest standards of quality in all our products. Our nitrile gloves are diverse in utility for various applications, and they come in multiple sizes for different users. Make an order with us now to provide your employees with the best protection at very affordable prices.