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Top 4 Factors To Consider Before Buying Work Gloves


Work gloves have been around for thousands of years, and today a pair of suitable gloves remains as practical a tool as any worker may use. Thanks to technological advancements, today’s work gloves are thick enough to provide the much-needed protection for hazardous work, allowing enough dexterity for precise movement. 

Today, every employer and employee understand the importance of picking the right tool for the job. At GLOVEMART, we will cover the different types of protection needed to be considered to ensure that operators are suitably protected in the environments they work in. 

A cut above 

Hand protection is what every PPE glove is meant to provide. This can be in relation to a range of different hazards, be it temperature or chemicals. When it comes to selecting work gloves, cut-resistance is a major factor you need to consider

For workers dealing with metal, masonry, glass, tools, mechanical equipment or anything sharp, the importance of quality cut-resistant gloves is monumental. The key challenge is finding the right level of cut resistance. While it is tempting to go for the highest level of cut resistance straightaway, dexterity also plays a crucial role in finding the best work glove.   

The key takeaway is to realize that protective equipment has to be practical and safe. Nitrile work gloves are excellent examples of hand protection that are protective and, at the same time, dexterous. Plus, it helps the wearer to feel comfortable while doing the job. 


Safety work gloves are useless if you are not able to get the job done. This means providing users with grip in environments that are subject to liquids and slippery substances for most work environments. Your workers’ job may involve oil, water or other lubricants, making it difficult to work their way through. In that scenario, they may want to opt for gloves that ensure safety. 

Gripper gloves are combined with other features like cut resistance or thermal properties to ensure workers have all the protection they need. Glovemart’s range of high grip gloves will help workers cope with demanding work environments. 

Heat resistance 

Heat protection is an essential factor to consider for those working in the engineering and manufacturing industries. There are applications that put workers in situations where they have to cope with high temperatures. In that case, workers must opt for gloves that are resistant to multiple environmental factors. 

Multi-norm protection 

An important point to note is that the best work gloves provide protection against multiple dangers like cut resistance and thermal. Therefore, for employers, providing workwear gloves that have numerous resistances is essential. 

While it is tempting to invest in multiple cheaper gloves that offer protection against a single factor, it will backfire both financially and in terms of safety. 

Cheaper gloves do not last forever, need to be purchased at a more frequent rate. At GLOVEMART, we are suppliers of a range of workwear gloves suitable for various applications. Do not hesitate to visit our site if there is anything you may want to clarify before considering buying.