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How Do You Choose The Right Pair Of Waterproof Work Gloves That Keep Your Hands Dry?


While finding out the perfect pair of waterproof work gloves can be tricky, with a little insight, one will know how to keep their hands dry and protected at the workplace. Waterproof materials that do not allow sweat to evaporate off the skin are not ideal for workers working in industries such as construction, hospitality, automotive and more. So when it comes to buying work gloves, it is worth investing in the highest quality material to ensure safety and protection from hazardous elements.

Whether your working conditions require waterproof gloves all year round, or you are just seeking something comfortable for a winter yard job, let this post give you some insight into how to find the right pair.

Waterproof materials ideal for work gloves

When you are thinking of purchasing a new pair of work gloves that are waterproof yet breathable, look for a material named Hipora. It is usually used as a glove lining. The antimicrobial fabric creates a three-layer seal to prevent water from getting in; it also allows moisture to escape so that the wearer’s hands do not get sweaty while working.

  • The first layer serves as a protective barrier to prevent water from coming in
  • The second layer absorbs moisture and enables it to evaporate through the first layer
  • The third and the final layer is closest to the skin that acts as an additional water barrier

Another material you may want to look out for in a glove is called the Micro Sable Liner. It features an oil- and water-resistant antimicrobial layer and faux fur interior lining that keep hands warm, absorbing excess perspiration. The material is also convenient to wear.

Finding out the right pair of waterproof work gloves 

With number of choices available these days, narrowing down your options can seem challenging. However, it is wise to start your search by prioritizing your needs when it comes to protection and safety.

For starters, if your work environment needs you to wear cut-resistant gloves, then it should be your priority. Also, if you are working in extremely cold situations, warmth tops the list. Since the hands tend to get weaker and less capable when they get too cold, the material you should be looking for is fleece or faux fur lining.

Again, some working conditions need workers to have grip control on wet surfaces. In that case, a heavy-duty work glove with waterproof abilities is the right one to invest in.

At GLOVEMART, we stock a range of waterproof work gloves that are not only affordable but also comfortable and lighter weight. So please feel free if you choose quality and comfort when it comes to choosing work gloves.